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CHC’s Centennial Legacy Trail – Make a Donation
In honor of our Centennial, the Cleveland Hiking Club will make a gift to the Metroparks by donating funds for and helping to work on a new trail at the West Creek Reservation. The proposed Centennial Legacy Trail is a spur off a new trail loop in the northeast corner of the West Creek Reservation that will end with an elevated view of downtown Cleveland. In return for designating the new spur as our legacy trail, Metroparks policy calls for a $10,000 donation, which will allow the trail to be named for the CHC.

We expect the trail to be dedicated in April 2019.

We are working to raise the $10,000 donation from our members, an effort the board has approved. We hope you will make a gift and be a part of our Centennial legacy. Members who make a gift of at least $10.00 will be listed in our Centennial Book as “Legacy Donors” or a similar designation. Of course, members are free to make a larger donation. We will periodically report progress toward our $10,000 goal. If you have questions about donating, please contact Dave Hobe at davidh@hobe.com.

Donation forms will be found in each issue of Newsteps. Complete and mail the form, along with your check, to Pala Krznaric at the address on the form.

2018 Legacy Trail Campaign


We are the 99-year-old Cleveland Hiking Club, almost 1,300 members strong. We offer between 390-460 hikes in the North East Ohio region on a monthly basis for hikers of all fitness levels. Every day we offer hikes of different difficulties, at different times, and at various locations. You do not need to be a member of the club to join us on a hike, so spend some time on our website to learn more then come and take a hike with us! You’ll be glad you did; but be careful, hiking is addictive!

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Safety and Health Notes

Including numerous articles; updated with How to Make Ice-gripping Footwear


Club News and Info

Additional information is communicated to our members via our monthly newsletter and (as needed) e-mails. Really old news and info has been archived.

04/24/2018 E-blast: From Kathy Schultz and Maureen Lindway, Co-editors
The May newsletter has been posted to the website in Members Only->Newsteps section.

Cleveland Metropark Brecksville Reservation Area - Area Closed: APT between RT. 82 and the Brecksville Nature Center.
Closed From: 4/19/2018 to 5/4/2018. Detour: none
Closed For: Water Main Installation. Closed To: Pedestrians, horseback riders, bicycles, dog walkers

03/31/2018 E-blast: From Maureen Lindway, Co-editor
The April newsletter has been posted to the website in Members Only->Newsteps section. I apologize for the delay.

03/30/2018 E-blast: From Matt Collings, Chief Pathfinder
Hike leaders check the May & June tentative schedules for your hikes and notify of any changes. Additionally, the DEADLINE for signing up to lead for July and August 2018 hiking schedules is fast approaching. The last day is 5/10/18 at midnight.
All these links and documents are available on the CHC website: under the Members Only tab->Hike leader information. Google Chrome works best for signup purposes. Please check with your appropriate Pathfinder for any assistance or questions.

3/21/2018 E-blast: From Matt Collings
The maps for the 20- and 26-mile hikes in April have been posted on the CHC Web Site. The February Mile-a-Day has also been posted.

Details are posted (on the schedules page) for the other longer hikes:
* The annual 20-mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, April 8 at 9:00 am.
* The annual 26-mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 at 6:30 am.

E-blast: The March/April schedules have been posted to the CHC website in the Members Only section.

From the e-blast committee:
It has come to our attention that a number of our members are not receiving eblasts. This seems to be an AOL problem and is not a problem that is associated with CHC. Apparently AOL is having multiple problems with mail.

We need the help of all our members (especially hike leaders) to get the word out to AOL users. Please remind them to check their spam/junk folder to see if our eblasts are showing up there. If not, we are suggesting that they set up a new email account with a different provider. (gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

When they set up a new account they will need to let us know so that we can change their address in our database.. The easiest way is to contact the membership chair at chcmemberchair@gmail.com or to send a message to the club via the "Contact us" link on the website.

From Matt Collings, Chief Pathfinder:
Due to an error of the Pathfinder (PF) Committee, the starting time for hike 4i listed in the February 2018 hiking schedule is INCORRECT; the CORRECT time is 9AM. Teresa Davey, the leader, has already contacted those who normally attend her hikes of the time change. Anyone, who arrives at 10AM, needs to personally contact the leader, Teresa@stresshq.com, later for credit.
The PF committee apologizes of this error in the schedule.
* The online schedule has been changed to reflect this.

Hike leaders verify that the hikes you signed up for are accurate; the tentative March and April schedules are are available in the Members Only-->Hike Leader Info page. Refer to the instructions sent in the 2/2/2018 e-mail blast.

Please use proper precautions, clothing, and gear when hiking in winter.

Club records are dropping fast!   Congratulations to Sandra Phillips who set a new club record in May with 700 miles for the month!  Katherine Malmquist broke the old record also, with 601 miles!   The record set by Bob Kimmelfield in April lasted only a single month!  Refer to the Hike Data page for details.

Details are posted (on the schedules page) for the other longer hikes:
* The annual 20-mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, April 9 at 9:00 am; there are also 5 and 10 mile options.
* The annual 26-mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, April 23 at 6:30 am.

Attention hike leaders: please review the revised instructions for reporting hiker and visitor activity on hikes and excursions found at the Member's Only Hike Leader Info section. Your cooperation will enable better and timely recording of activity.

The 2015 Annual Report to Members is now available in the Contacts section of the Members Only portion of the website. The annual report recaps the main events for 2014 and compares activities of the club to the past and our goals for the year. Please take a minute to glance at this report to recognize the tremendous efforts of members, committee chairs, officers and directors in helping to make our Cleveland Hiking Club the outstanding organization that it is.
Dave Richards, Immediate Past President

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