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We are the 98-year-old Cleveland Hiking Club, almost 1,300 members strong. We offer between 390-460 hikes in the North East Ohio region on a monthly basis for hikers of all fitness levels. Every day we offer hikes of different difficulties, at different times, and at various locations. You do not need to be a member of the club to join us on a hike, so spend some time on our web site to learn more then come and take a hike with us! You’ll be glad you did; but be careful, hiking is addictive!

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Safety and Health Notes

Including numerous articles; updated with How to Make Ice-gripping Footwear


Club News and Info

Additional information is communicated to our members via our monthly newsletter and (as needed) e-mails. Really old news and info has been archived.

Members, for those of you who have considered leading a hike, you have the opportunity to sign up to lead hikes in March and April. Links and instructions are available in the Members Only-->Hike Leader Info section of this site.

Per the e-mail blast that went to the members, the printed December schedule has a correction to 12/2 L's hike: It incorrectly states “midway stops”. It should read: “Socialize at brewery midway with optional stop at end.” Please note that there is only one stop midway. [the online schedules have been updated to reflect this.]
As indicated in the November Newsteps, we’ll be stopping midway for socializing with some “Christmas cheer” and snacks at Sibling Revelry Brewery. At the end of the hike there is an option for further cheer, socializing, and food at the Yard House, where a full menu of food and beverages is available. And don’t miss out on seeing Crocker Park’s beautiful and grand display of Holiday decoration too.

Members, for those interested in carpooling to the December 3 party (either able to provide or in need of a ride), details are contained in the November 2017 newsletter (in the Members Only section).

You are welcome to attend the CHC Photo Contest Judging whether or not you have submitted an entry to be judged. This will take place on November 18, 2017 at 12:00. You can find the location and driving directions at Photo Contest Driving Directions

Members, whether you can attend the December holiday party or not, your 2017 photos are welcome to be submitted to be a part of the media show. Check the e-mail blast sent out on this date for instructions on submittals.

Members, check the October or November 2017 newsletter (in the Members Only section) for information about the upcoming holiday party on December 3. Not only is it a nice opportunity to socialize with the other members, it also provides an opportunity to
  • view the photo contest winners
  • donate to charity
  • support one of our club's 100th anniversary fundraisers
  • and see the officer installation.

  • Be sure to submit your registration form and check before November 24.

    The 2017 Photo Contest is under way!  If you are interested in entering one or more of your photos (which must be taken during a CHC hike), please check out these links to the
    Photo Contest Rules
    and the Photo Contest Entry Form.

    Also, the 2017 Fall/Winter Merchandise selection is now available.   Please click on the Merchandise page.

    Club records are dropping fast!   Congratulations to Sandra Phillips who set a new club record in May with 700 miles for the month!  Katherine Malmquist broke the old record also, with 601 miles!   The record set by Bob Kimmelfield in April lasted only a single month!  Refer to the Hike Data page for details.

    The club member survey regarding Camp Onwego have been posted on the camp page in the members section. Thanks to those of you who voiced your opinion.

    Every year our club offers several long distance hikes to challenge a person's endurance; these long distance hikes are self-paced. Refer to the schedules page for details (maps, starting time and location, etc.). The annual 40 mile hike (with 3, 5, and 10 mile options) will take place on May 7; the starting point is Sand Run Metropark Mingo Pavilion

    Details are posted (on the schedules page) for the other longer hikes:
    * The annual 20-mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, April 9 at 9:00 am; there are also 5 and 10 mile options.
    * The annual 26-mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, April 23 at 6:30 am.

    As mentioned in the March Newsteps and a recent e-mail notice to the members, The Cleveland Hiking Club is once again partnering with the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF). Check the e-mail notice for details on the film our club is sponsoring as well as the discount code (good for any movie).


    Attention Cleveland Hiking Club members; be on the lookout in early March for a survey link about Camp Onwego sent to your e-mail. This survey is being used to collect members' opinions on camp facilities and events. Additional information can be found in the March 2017 Newsteps.


    Although we are well into the month of February, it is not too late to join the Cleveland Hiking Club. New members are welcomed throughout the year. Check out the details on our Membership page.


    Whether you are a new member, a long time member, or somewhere in between, consider becoming a hike leader. Support is available to assist you to be successful. Check out the article in the October 2016 Newsteps or the information posted in the Members Only section on the Newsteps or HikeLeader pages.

    Attention hike leaders: please review the revised instructions for reporting hiker and visitor activity on hikes and excursions found at the Member's Only Hike Leader Info section. Your cooperation will enable better and timely recording of activity.

    The 2015 Annual Report to Members is now available in the Contacts section of the Members Only portion of the website. The annual report recaps the main events for 2014 and compares activities of the club to the past and our goals for the year. Please take a minute to glance at this report to recognize the tremendous efforts of members, committee chairs, officers and directors in helping to make our Cleveland Hiking Club the outstanding organization that it is.
    Dave Richards, Immediate Past President

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