Dues for Renewing Members:

An envelope for annual dues is included in the October issue of the Newsteps newsletter, which is mailed to each member, whether or not a paper copy is normally received. The deadline for next year’s dues is December 31 of the prior year.

Late payments (postmarked between January 1 and December 31 of the new dues year) are subject to a $5.00 late fee. Please include the late fee amount in your check total.

Your check or money order should be made payable to Cleveland Hiking Club and mailed to Kathy Kristof, 1276 Mathews Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

Memberships that lapse for more than one year can be reinstated upon completion of a reinstatement application and payment of a $20.00 reinstatement fee (in addition to annual dues). Contact Membership at chcmemberchair@gmail.com or 330-468-3706 to request the proper forms.

Dues are:

Active Individual Membership: $36 per year

Active Couple Membership: $57 per year
(two persons residing at same address)

Associate Individual Membership: $31 per year
(residing 75 miles or more from Camp Onwego)

Associate Couple Membership: $47 per year
(two persons residing at same address)

Please inform Veronica (Roni) Pavia of any changes of address, telephone number, or e-mail address for next year’s directory: chcmemberchair@gmail.com.

Your dues are a worthwhile investment!

Contact Us

Broadcast Alerts. To submit information that is to be in a broadcast email, or for questions about these emails, contact: cleveland.hiker@gmail.com. Sending email to any other address may delay receipt of a response.

Delivery of Newsteps or Paper Schedules. If you have questions or problems with delivery of paper schedules or Newsteps (the newsletter), please contact the Corresponding Secretary, Ron Hueter, at: chccorsec19@gmail.com

Gifts or Memorial Donations. If you have questions about making a gift or memorial donation, please contact Gift/Memorial Committee Chair, Joan Delahay: joan.delahay@gmail.com

Leadership. For questions or comments about, or to express interest in participating in the club's leadership, contact the President, Peggy Koesel, at: peggykoesel@gmail.com

Membership. For questions or problems related to membership, or to update your membership information, please contact Membership Committee Chair, Roni Pavia at: chcmemberchair@gmail.com

Mileage Reports and Questions. If you have questions or problems with the hiking mileages that have been recorded for you, please contact Recording Pathfinder, Gayle Shroy, at: chcmembers@yahoo.com

Newsteps Articles. If you have items to be considered for inclusion in Newsteps, please send them to the Editors-in-Chief, Kathy Schultz and Maureen Lindway, at: chcnewsteps@gmail.com. The deadline is the 10th of every month; submission by the deadline does not guarantee inclusion as the editors prioritize the articles based upon submissions, club activity timelines, etc. The editors reserve the right to edit for clarity, tone, and length.

Reservations. Members may make reservations for club social events with Rita Bennett at: CHCreservations19@gmail.com

Scheduling or Leading Hikes. If you have questions that are related to scheduling or leading hikes, contact a member of the Pathfinder Committee listed on the Hike Leader Info page for the Pathfinder Committee contacts.

Website. For questions or comments about this website, contact the Webmaster, Maureen Lindway, at: clevelandhikingclubweb@gmail.com

Other Questions or Comments. If you have other questions or comments related to the Cleveland Hiking Club please feel free to contact us at: cleveland.hiker@gmail.com

Regular or postal mail may be sent to:
The Cleveland Hiking Club
P. O. Box 347097
Cleveland, OH 44134-7097

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