What Does That Hike Description Mean?

Here's our definition of some terms:

APT (All Purpose Trail)/Towpath/ Bike and Hike Trail - Wide, usually paved; used by hikers, bikers, and skaters.

Brisk: Faster than usual, a 15 to 17 minute mile (3.5 mph to 4 mph pace).

CVNP: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Hills: Ascents requiring noticeable exertion.

THEMED HIKES - Sunrise Hike, Ice Cream Hike etc. Theme hikes described by a short phrase in caps; usually a special destination or an optional social gathering afterward.

LEISURE HIKE: A casual, slower than a moderate hike, usually around 22 to 25 minute mile pace - (2.4 mph to 2.7 mph).

Moderate: 3 mph (20 minute mile) to about 3.2 mph (18 minute mile); All hikes are assumed to be moderate unless otherwise indicated. A moderate hike may include hills, stream crossings, and rough trails.

Energetic: Hikes can include hills, stream crossings, difficult terrain and a quicker pace than moderate.

On and Off Trail: A substantial part of the hike will not follow trails of any kind and take advantage of the natural landscape.

PA: Picnic area.

Res.: Reservation, as in Brecksville Reservation.

Scouting: A leader will use this time to scout an upcoming hike. The starting point and area to be hiked are known in advance; expect difficult elements from other hike categories such as On & Off Trails.

Strenuous: Warning -- Demanding hikes; fast pace and or grueling terrain, hikers need to be in excellent condition.

Trails: Dirt trails usually established park trails or bridle paths in Parks but may include popular footpaths, game trails, abandoned roadways, and railroad tracks. Not to be confused with APT, Towpath or Bike and Hike Trails.

15-18 minute miles: (specify the pace): Targeted pace that is faster than the usual moderate hike.

How Can You Find That Hike's Starting Point?

GPS Coordinates

To help hikers find meeting points, Bill Miller and some friends have compiled a list of the latitude and longitude of more than 300 places where hikes start. You can use these values by putting them into your car's GPS or a smart phone as a place to drive to, or you can put them into a web site like MapQuest and get detailed directions on how to drive to the hike start. To use this, please first read comments about using latitude and longitude. Then check out the list of latitudes and longitudes .

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park also has a web site with the coordinates for many of its locations. To use it, click on CVNP Locations

Hike Maps

Of course many hikers prefer maps over GPS instructions. Here are some links to maps:

Individual Cleveland Metro Parks:
Links to the maps for each Metropark

Cleveland MetroParks Total Map You can zoom in on any park with this map and see all trails, facilities, and even contour lines. If you use the mobile version of this map with your smart phone, it will show you where in a park you are at.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Map Page)

Geauga County Parks

Lake County Metroparks (Select a Park)

Lorain County Parks

Medina County

Summit County Metro Parks

Hike Schedules Formatted for Smart Phones

For viewing on a smart phone, monthly schedules have been formatted with the whole schedule in one column. These are best viewed in the landscape orientation (with the phone on its side).  You can obtain the schedule for a specific month by pointing your phone's browser to www.clevelandhikingclub.org/mobile/home.aspx or by scanning the first QRcode below. Alternately, a smart phone file that is always updated to have the current month's hike schedule is available at www.clevelandhikingclub.org/mobile/HikeSchedule.pdf or by scanning the second QRcode below.
QRhome QRHikeSchedule

Multi Column Hike Schedules

The hike schedules below are similar in format to our paper schedules. To view or download a schedule you must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed. If you do not have it on your computer click here to get it.

In honor of our club's centennial, challenge hikes have been designed for various hiking abilities. Members completing these challenges will receive recognition. Refer to 100th Anniversary Challenge Hikes Table for a description of the challenge hikes criteria and reporting process. Consider using this worksheet to keep track of challenges that you participate in.

6/24/2019 Note: Be aware that if you are traveling to Bradley Woods, Bradley Road is closed between Barton Road and Center Ridge Road for 90 days starting on 6/24/19. You can still access Bradley Woods from Center Ridge Road. Some previously scheduled hikes may be impacted.


Compilation of all hikes for a year:

Pete Kenney has compiled a list of all the CHC hike for 2010-2017 in a searchable document for each year:

Click here to open the hike list for 2019.

Click here to open the hike list for 2018.

Click here to open the hike list for 2017.

Click here to open the hike list for 2016.

Click here to open the hike list for 2015.

Click here to open the hike list for 2014.

Click here to open the hike list for 2013.

Click here to open the hike list for 2012.

Click here to open the hike list for 2011.

Click here to open the hike list for 2010.

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