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If you have some great pictures to share with the club from a recent hike, social event, or a CHC excursion, please send a digital file to Terry Marquard at

Once the pictures have been reviewed and edited, the photos will be placed on Google Photos and a link to your images will be added to the CHC web site in the photo gallery. CHC reserves the right to edit the pictures for content and will refuse any pictures it deems inappropriate for the general membership. All images submitted to CHC are considered available to CHC for its general use for print and web based media.

Photo Contest:

Our club sponsors an annual photo contest for our members to participate in; information, rules, and entry form is found at this link. The directions to the judging location on November 16 are contained at this here.

Photo Gallery

You can connect to our photos by clicking on a thumbnail or link below it. It will open a new window and take you to that photo set at the photo website. To exit you can simply close the window. You do not need an account to view our photos.

Holiday Party 2019

Favorites 2020

Aspen, Colorado 2019

Lake City, Colorado 2019

Crested Butte, Colorado 2019

Remembering Bill R

Oglebay and Wheeling 2019

Bourton-on-the-Water, England 2019

St. Ives, England 2019

Colorado 2018

Favorites 2019

Photo Contest Winners 2018 Bob Maruna's 90th Birthday Recent Favorites 2018
San Diego 2017 2017 Photo Contest Winners Ottawa Canada 2017
Recent Favorites, Second Half 2017 Recent Favorites, First Half 2017 England 2017
2016 Photo Contest Winners Ed Dooner's Slide Show of Florida Excursion 2016
Recent Favorites, Second Half of 2016
Great Allegheny Passage 2016 Cape Cod 2016 Appalachian Trail - Massachusetts 2016
Remembering Antonina
Utah 2016
Ed Dooner's Slide Show of Utah Excursion September 2016
2016 St. Patrick's Day Parade Hike
2016 CHC 26 Mile Hike
2016 CHC 40 Mile Hike
Recent Favorites, First Half of 2016
2015 Photo Contest Winners
Chili Cookoff 2015
Colorado 2015 - Lake City
Colorado 2015 - Ouray
Colorado 2015 - Telluride
Prague-Vienna-Slovenia-Venice 2015 excursion
Prague-Vienna-Slovenia-Venice 2015 (2)
Ed Dooner's Slide Show of Fall 2015
Glacier National Park 2015
Ed Dooner's Slide Show of September 2015 Traverse City Excursion

Recent Favorites, 2nd Half 2015
Isle of Wight, England 2015
Shropshire, England
Florida Excursion 2015
Recent Favorites, First Half of 2015
2014 Photo Contest Winners
Recent Favorites from the second half of 2014
Colorado 2014 - Aspen
Colorado 2014 - Frisco
Montenegro, Dubrovnic, Zagreb, Plitvice National Park
Chili Cook-Off 2014
Baska Voda Croatia by Carol
Remembering Peter
"Wine Trail with a Covered Bridge" Hike
Ed Dooner's Slide Show of Some Cleveland Hiking Club Memories

Ottawa Excursion
Bourbon Trail in Kentucky
Ed Dooner's Slide Show of the Excursion to San Francisco and Yosemite

2013 Photo Contest Winners
2014 Katherine Malmquist
Recent Favorites after January, 2014
Ed Dooner shares his 2013 Holiday Show

Dec 14k 2013 Photos: Karl Zaman
Dec 2013 Photos: Katherine Malmquist
Get-A-Way Weekend October 5-6 2013
NYC Sep. 12-15, 2013
4th Annual Chili Cook-Off 2013
Corn Maze September 28g 2013
Take-A-Hike September 11i 2013
The AT in Maine
Put-in-Bay Hike Sep. 7h 2013
Remembering Laszlo
Remembering Ray
Aspen, Colorado 2013, Photos: D. Tobiasz
Frisco, Colorado 2013, Photos: D. Tobiasz
Twin Lakes, Colorado 2013, Photos: D. Tobiasz
Ron Hueter's 8/6 Hike
Ed Dooner shares his picture show from a recent hike

Steak Roast
Mind, Body, and Soul Expo
Ed Dooner 10 Mile Hike on 6/24, and a scouting hike
2013 CHC 40 Mile Hike
2013 England Excursion
Recent Hikes from Katherine Malmquist
Ed Dooner shares his picture show from the Florida Excursion, February 2013

Recent Favorites Since 4/7/13
Latest updated 9/2/13
2013 CHC 26 Mile Hike
Recent Favorites after 11/1/12
CHC Photo
2012 CHC Holiday Party
2012 CHC Winning Photos
CHC Photo
Golf Outing, Oct 8d 2012 by Tim Klodnick
CHC Photo
2012 St. Patrick's Day Parade Hike by D&D Tobiasz
CHC Photo
Annual Chili Cook-off 2012
CHC Photo
Colorado 2012 - Lake City
CHC Photo
Colorado 2012 - Frisco
CHC Photo
Colorado 2012 - Buena Vista
Ed Dooner's slideshow of the recent Toronto Excursion

CHC Photo
More Photos from Ron's CA Excursion
CHC Photo
Rhonda's Whiskey Island Hike 8/17/12; Photos by George Baker
CHC Photo
With the Indianapolis Hiking Club; photos by Linda Heidren & John Heidenreich
CHC Photo
Ron's California Excursion; Photos from Aggie
CHC Photo
Ron K's California Excursion; Photos by Gayle and Bob
CHC Photo
2012 CHC Steak Roast
CHC Photo
Lisa & Charles Rakes 2012
CHC Photo
Recent Favorites after 6/12
CHC Photo
June 3g 2012 Photo Hike
Latest updated 3/12/2012
CHC Photo
Strawberry Festival Hike
CHC Photo
Larchmere PorchFest
CHC Photo
Marine Week Hike; Photos by Gayle Shroy
CHC Photo
Paris, France
CHC Photo
Provence, France
Ed Dooner's slideshow of Hikes on March 23 and 31
from Shadow Lake, along Tinker's Creek, to the Great Falls

CHC Photo
2012 40-Miler May 6a
CHC Photo
Menton (the Riviera), France
CHC Photo
George Baker 2011 CHC Favorites
Soup Supper March 25, 2012
Peacock at Camp
Bob Maruna's Birthday Hike July 22, 2011 Video by Ed Dooner

Ed's video of some of his Shadow Lake hikes.
2011 Photo Contest Winners
Rocky River Maple Sugaring
The Hike Across Delaware
2011 Holiday Show Album
Remembering Lee
Hiking with Lisa & Charles Rakes
Hiking with Jackie & Bill Minor
Colorado Excursion - Telluride 2011
Colorado Excursion - Twin Lakes 2011
Colorado Excursion - Ouray 2011
Colorado Excursion - Frisco 2011
Bob Maruna Birthday Hike 2011
2011 CHC Steak Roast
Favorite Submissions, 2nd Half 2011
Jytte Hansen 91st Birthday Hike
40 mile hike - 2011
26 Mile Hike - 2011
Greece October 2010 by Kate Howley
George Baker's Favorite Photos from 2010
2011 St. Patrick's Day
2010 Holiday Show Album
2010 CHC Photo Contest First Place Winners
Hiking with Melle & Pelle
Latest updated May 17b, 2012
The Christmas Story Hike, December 2010
Charles & Lisa Rakes
Lakeview Cemetery July 2010 Charles & Lisa Rakes
Snow Angel
Memories of Roger Romito
CHC Chili Cook-Off 2010
16 Ridges Hike 2010
Gayle's Retirement Hike
Ottawa Excursion August 2010 Video by Ed Dooner

Another Video by Ed Dooner - The Appalachian Trail - October, 2010
2010 China Excursion
Ed's Celebration of Life
Colorado Excursion Overview

To see all the Colorado photos, click on the links below:

Colorado Excursion - Frisco
Colorado Excursion - Buena Vista
Colorado Excursion - Snowmass
CHC 2010 Steak Roast
Charles Rake's Photos
PET Processors hike and plant tour
Washington Shenandoah Excursion
Hiking with Jeanne and Peter Latest updated: August 8, 2011
May 2010 Hikes
April 2010 CHC North Carolina Excursion
2010 26-Mile Hike
2010 40-Mile Hike
CHC St. Patrick's Day Hike
Eric Baldwin Frozen Waterfall Hike
Eric Baldwin Frozen Waterfall Hike 2/21/10 Video by Ed Dooner
CHC Dog Hike February 20, 2010
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