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Schedule of Hikes

In our club, the term hike doesn't necessarily mean a walk in the park. It could mean walking on neighborhood sidewalks, on park trails, or even in a parade. Check the schedules for a brief description. The following hike schedules are available:

Note: Regarding Hike Friday June 1 (at 2:00) -- Nature Center at Shaker Lakes. The parking lot is closed for a special event for the weekend. Park on South Park or Shaker Blvd. We will meet at the corner of South Park and Shaker Blvd.

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Or you can get a file that we will always update to the current month's schedule
(You'll have to reload the file each month, but you can save one icon to your home screen and keep using it.)

Much more information is available on
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Recommended App:

Cleveland MetroParks has an app with a map showing all their reservations. You can zoom in on any park to see all trails, facilities and even contour lines. And it can use your phone's GPS to show you where you are in the park.