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As of 8/29 7pm, I received a supply of printed September and October schedules which will be distributed to hikers on East Side hikes.  If you are an East Side hike leader who often (or occasionally) receives requests for printed schedules from your hikers, please let me know and I’ll try to get some schedules to you.  If you regularly come on hikes which I lead, I’ll have them with me.  Otherwise, please let me know when I’m likely to see you.  If we rarely see each other – or if you don’t know me – please let me know which hike leaders you often see, and I’ll try to get some schedules to one or more of those people to give to you.   Please contact me at [email protected].  If one or more other people are to be involved in passing the schedules along to you, please copy them on the e-mail as well.

Bob Kimmelfield

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