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Please note that 2023 dues are due by December 31, 2022.  As a cost-saving measure, dues remittance envelopes will no longer be provided.  Please follow the instructions below for mailing your check.

Life has a habit of getting in the way.  We recommend that you mail your payment as soon as possible to account for longer mailing times in general and the usual holiday rush.

Dues Membership typeIndividualJoint 2 members at same address
Active Membership: residing within 75 miles of Cleveland$36 per year$57 per year
Associate Membership: residing more than 75 miles from Cleveland$31 per year$47 per year

Please make your check or money order payable to Cleveland Hiking Club and mail to:

Kathy Kristof, CHC Dues, 1276 Mathews Ave, Lakewood, OH  44107

Dues received after December 31 of this year, but before December 31 next year, will require an additional $5 late fee. After December 31 next year, new paperwork and $20.00 reinstatement fee must be submitted along with current year dues to reinstate your membership.

Help keep the directory up to date and ensure that you get your copy.  Please take a moment to review your listing from last year and inform Membership of any changes of address, telephone number, or e-mail address at: [email protected]. If you are seasonally away from your local address, please notify Membership of the dates (each year if necessary). The club will not mail to either your local or seasonal address during that time period. If you have moved or are temporarily away, mail is returned to the club, return postage due, even if you have requested the post office to forward or hold your mail.

By paying dues for the Cleveland Hiking Club membership, members acknowledge and reaffirm their continuing acceptance of responsibility as contained in the Liability Release Form they signed when joining the organization. A copy of the Liability Release Form can be found on the CHC website on the “Members Only->Business->Job Descriptions, Policies page.

Regards, Veronica (Roni) Pavia, Membership Chairperson

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