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This eblast covers two items about the photo contest:

1. The deadline to submit your photos for the CHC photo Contest is Saturday October 28th.
You must rename your photos before you submit them to the hot links. Make sure you are submitting them to the correct category.

2. There are 8 photos that where submitted and not renamed. The contest organizers don’t know who submitted these photos.  So if you submitted photos without renaming them first, you need to submit them again after you rename them with your name and location.

These meed to be corrected:

scenery :  3 photos of a lake with trees, a winter waterfall

animals : a chipmunk on a rock

flora: a columbine and mushrooms

black and white: a waterfall

And a mother and child on a swing was not renamed and was submitted in the wrong category 

To submit (or resubmit) photos, go to this club website page:
Denise Tobiasz 440-915-6549

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