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To the 100+ members who have not yet paid your 2023 dues, the payment deadline is February 15 in order to appear in the 2023 directory. Remember, you do not accrue any mileage while your membership is lapsed. If you can’t remember if you mailed in your dues and you have been hiking with the club this year, one way to check your membership is to look to see if your 2023 mileage is listed in the hiking data history from the link on this webpage:

Renewal fees (includes $5.00 late fee):

Active Individual $41.00                            Active Joint $62.00

Associate Individual $36.00 *                   Associate Joint $52.00 *

* Members residing more than 75 miles from Cleveland, Ohio.

Send your check, payable to Cleveland Hiking Club to:

            Roni Pavia

            CHC Membership

            927 Arboretum Cir

            Sagamore Hills, OH  44067

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