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Thanks to those members who have already responded to the previously announced survey For those who haven’t responded, here’s a gentle reminder to respond — we would really appreciate your input. The details are listed below.

The 2023 CHC Survey of Members is ready for your input.  Complete the survey on a computer, tablet, or smartphone by clicking on the link below, or copying and pasting the link into your browser,

To access the 2023 CHC Survey of Members CLICK on this link:

• Input your 4-digit Member ID (next to your name in the Directory) on page one of the survey.

• Individual survey results will not be made available to anyone other than the Survey Administrator. 

• Please answer each question by selecting the appropriate response(s).

• If a question asks for a list or narrative, please type in your response.

• Click NEXT to go to the next page.

• Click BACK if you want to return to an earlier page to check or change a response.

• Click CLEAR FORM if you would like to start over at any time.

• Click on SUBMIT when finished. Once you click SUBMIT, you cannot change your answers.

The deadline to complete the survey is Sunday, June 4, 2023 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Please do it now. . . don’t put it off. It takes only 10 minutes. Thank you.

CHC Efficiency Task Force

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