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The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is on Sunday August 27th – Appetizers are at 4pm – and dinner at 5pm at Camp Onwego.

If a member has led at least 4 hikes or donated at least 10 hours to the club over the past year, they are invited to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner –this is our club’s way of saying “thank you” for all that the volunteers do. Food, drinks, plates/silverware and music will be provided.  Participants should contact Rita Bennett – at [email protected] to reserve their spot for dinner by August 22nd.

Dinner helpers are always welcome and can come around 2pm to help prepare food, 4pm to serve appetizers or dinner and 4pm as well for clean-up helpers. All helpers are welcome to stay to eat – please contact (by August 22nd) Rita Bennett at [email protected] to register as a helper. This allows us to make sure we have enough food.

Anyone wishing to donate items to the door prize raffle for the volunteers – please contact me or check with a hike leader to see if they can get the donation to me. (Several people have been collecting items.)  One request – you do not have to put your name on the item (gift cards, etc.) but please put a note on it with your name and email. I will acknowledge the gift with a thank you (probably by email) and you will know that I received it. The sooner I get the donation, I can wrap it, otherwise it will be given as is.

If you have any questions, contact me at 440-845-9048 (the number listed in the member directory) or 440-570-3666; leave a message if you want me to respond. If I don’t recognize the number, I probably won’t pick up.

Julie Wojcik

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