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Good Afternoon,

The 2023 General Election is being held beginning at 12:00 am on Oct. 1st and ending at 2:00 pm on Oct. 15th. As has been done in the last 2 years, this will be an online election using Election BuddyAt the start of the election, eligible voting members will receive an email from ElectionBuddy that will invite you to vote and will provide a link and instructions on how to access the ballot and vote online.  
For more information on this process, consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that are accessed on the Elections page of the CHC website.

Please keep in mind the following: 
*  Hike Leaders should remind the hikers at circle-up about the election and that they should vote. 
*  The election will take place on the ElectionBuddy website, not the CHC website. 
*  The subject line of the email you receive should be: Vote Now: Cleveland Hiking Club – CHC 2023 General Election.

If you have any questions, please let us know at ([email protected]).

Best regards, 
Gene Baxendale
Corresponding Secretary

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