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From Election Administrator Gene Baxendale

I am pleased to announce that the 2023 General Election is completed and was run very smoothly and without incident. I would like to announce and congratulate the successful candidates:

Sharon Uhl:  President

Ellen Papadimoulis:  Vice President

Susan Brett:  Treasurer

Mary Kurtz:  Chief Pathfinder

Marianne Vest:  Recording Pathfinder

Lee Hutton:  Trustee

Patrick Hurley:  Director

Betsey Luce:  Director

Timothy Ransom:  Director

Nancy Williams:  Director

I am also very thankful to Ed Dooner & Jane Grose for supporting CHC by being candidates. I look forward to their continued involvement with the club.

As I mentioned, the election was very successful. Here are a few statistics:

*  There were 1,219 eligible voters

*  1,174 members were sent their ballot link via email

*  45 members were sent their ballot link via postal mail

*  412 members (34%) voted in the election

*  114 members posted comments about the election. A summary of the comments will be posted at a later date

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at ([email protected]) or to ([email protected]).

Sharon Uhl, President

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