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As we move through fall and winter, colds and other respiratory illnesses are more prevalent and easily spread. I am taking this opportunity to remind members of Responsible Hiking Guidelines that the board instituted in June 2020. These guidelines were in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed CHC to resume hiking.  While we do not have to go back to the limited group sizes and group splitting, nor to the precise social distancing, there are some items from that list that are worth repeating:

  1. Stay home when ill. Any hiker with symptoms of respiratory illness such as seasonal flu or COVID should not join us on a hike.
  2. If you have a respiratory illness, please test frequently for COVID.  If you are positive, follow the CDC guidelines for isolation, wearing a mask, social distancing, and when to resume activities.
  3.  Cover sneezes and coughs and use hand sanitizer as needed. 
  4. Get appropriate immunizations as preventive measures.

Let’s all enjoy a healthy fall and winter hiking season!

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