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Jenny Rote was a CHC former member. She and her husband John Rote were active hikers during their CHC membership time. She and John often traveled from west side to east side to do a couple of hikes after her night shift work. They made many friends in the club. They also went on our club‘s Colorado excursion. 

Jenny was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer over a year ago. She fought hard from day 1 and wanted to come back to our club and keep on hiking. Unfortunately, the aggressiveness of the cancer and the side effects of the chemotherapy prevented her doing so.

She passed away peacefully the morning of 8/18/23 at age 51. No funeral or memorial was scheduled as per Jenny’s request. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to John and their families for losing such a young and vibrant soul so soon. 

Cards and condolences can be sent to John Rote at:

5359 Middlebury Ct 
Sherfield Village, OH 44035
Cell: 440-258-8380

Victoria Li

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